Really Random Things

1.   Will and I made banoffee cupcakes earlier this week.  The self-raising flour didn’t, and the pile of washing up was ridiculous.  I hate baking.  They tasted quite nice though.

2.   I have been searching for the perfect pair of silver wedges since my last pair gave up the ghost after several years of sterling service a couple of summer ago.  So imagine my delight when I found these in the New Look online sale for only £8 (and free delivery, too!).

Then imagine my misery after an hour of excruciating agony with them on my hooves, having to admit defeat – they are simply not wide enough for my feet, and will be returned for a refund today.  Back to the drawing board then.

3.   Saturday again already – the weeks are really flying by at the moment.  Ashley is off to Sussex on Monday for a few days work at the hotel, and Will and I are going with him.  Planning a trip to Brighton, which I’ve never been to before, so looking forward to that.

4.   Started reading the first Harry Potter book last night.  Really not enjoying it at all (as expected – SO not my type of thing), but I will plough on to the end, as Laura and I have both agreed to read it during August.

5.   My menu planning has all gone by the board since the beginning of the holidays, and shopping and eating are all a bit hit and miss at the moment.  Think I’ll just give up on trying to plan until the holidays are over.

6.   MUST deal with the large pile of things on my desk today.  No more procrastination.  But in the meantime, I’m going to go and put the kettle on!


6 thoughts on “Really Random Things

  1. Shame about the shoes. Have a fab time in Brighton. I’m doing the same about cooking, just day to day randomness, not good for the grocery budget or my waistline!
    I’ll have a cuppa too.
    Lisa x

  2. Those cupcakes look fabulous. Know what you mean about crazy amounts of washing up with baking though – sort of puts me off ever doing it these days. Hope you have a wonderful time in Brighton – will you be checking out the charity shops too?

  3. Were they delicious enough to make the washing up worthwhile?

    I’ve never bothered with Harry Potter either, even though my daughter keeps telling me I should. If I’m happy without having read it, why do I need to bother? I don’t believe I do 🙂

  4. Good golly, those cupcakes look fantastic!

    I’ve read the first Harry Potter, but didn’t really see what all the buzz was about. Never bothered reading any of the others.

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