Sunday Car Booty

Sunday again already.  Nearly didn’t go to this morning’s car boot sale, as I have SO MUCH stuff to sell already, and I’ve already been to a cheeky little midweek bootsale this week, but couldn’t resist when I woke up at 6.30 am!

I got some great bits and bobs today:

Evans black wedges brand new £1, New Look flat silver jewelled sandals brand new £1.50, very dirty girl’s Geox Trainers 50p.  I think I’ll be keeping the silver sandals for me – they will be perfect for the Maldives in October.

Dartington Vase £1, really lovely Laura Ashley album which I think I’m going to use to put William’s junior school reports in – total bargain at only 50p still brand new and boxed.

M&S metallic pink ballet flats £1.50, and rather nice Skechers Mary Jane heels £1.  Both my size as well ….

Lots of lotions and potions, Lancome, Tigi and Avon Anew – 5op each.

Beautiful (and very large plus size) Anne Harvey skirt £2.50

Coast dress brand new with tags £3.50.

Monsoon evening dress £3.50.  With Reg, my cat, checking it out, as I’d put it on the floor to photograph!

No plans at all for the rest of Sunday – the weather isn’t looking too promising at the moment, so I’m not sure what we’ll be doing.


* Linking up this week with  Magpie Monday over at Me & My Shadow.


17 thoughts on “Sunday Car Booty

  1. Wow – you must be glad you went as that is all so good!
    Love the M&S shoes……and who even knew Sketchers did Mary Janes with heels?

  2. Some days it has to be tough to put shoes your own size up for resale.
    The dresses are lovely and what a bargain. You don’t see things that nice at the flea markets around me. For sure not at that bargain price, even in the thrifts!

  3. I didn’t realise Sketchers made “real” shoes, I’m addicted to their trainers, but proper shoes are news to me – not that I could wear those heels any more.

  4. I love the Coast dress too, and those M&S ballerinas, and the Laura Ashley album. I wish I could get up early enough for car boot sales (lazy me!)

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