Frock It!

There haven’t been many outfits which have caught my eye of late – perhaps all the celebs are away on holiday with it being the summer season!

One dress that I did really like was this one worn by Blake Lively recently.

I think the colour really suits her, and it’s an unusual but very feminine style – I particularly like the embellished hem and neckline detail.

I was quite sad to read that Jennifer Lopez has split up with her husband – such a shame, particularly as they have young children.  So I guess she can be forgiven for not thinking too hard about what she’s wearing at the moment.

I’m usually quite a fan of Jennifer’s style, but I thought these two dresses were horrible – particularly the green one, which looks as though the right sleeve and neck piece was added as an afterthought.

In other news, I see Geri Halliwell has collaborated with high street chain Next, to design a range of eveningwear.

Geri is obviously channelling her inner Farrah Fawcett with those hair extensions – think you might be a bit old to be rocking that look, Geri love.

As for the dresses themselves, I have to say I’m a little disappointed: my overall emotion is BOREDOM.  Why are they all made out of the same fabric – that cheap-looking  satin is not a forgiving fabric at the best of times?  And the designs themselves – well, they’re just a bit bleugh, ordinary, unexciting, don’t you think?

I don’t think VB needs to worry that another ex-Spice is about to steal her fashion designing crown any time soon ….


Linking up with lovely Mid-30s-Life, who started the whole Frock It thing – why not do a Frock It post of your own and link up, too as she’s feeling a little bit unloved this week?


14 thoughts on “Frock It!

  1. Too be honest I don´t like any of them. I just don´t like that one shoulder look at all or the colour. Jennifer Lopez´s are just ghastly and Geri´s are quite nice as nighties. Hasn´t anyone else seen Jennifer Aniston´s beautiful ivory dress this week? Please google the Daily Mail last Friday and see if you can find it. Quite, quite classy. But on the whole thank you Caroline for Frockit.

  2. I dont like the look of those dresses designed by Gerri at all.

    One of the ladies from work has 2 pairs of victoria beckham jeans. The fit is amazing. I think she might actually think about normal ladies and their shapes. Rather than just all Kate moss thin sticks.

  3. I agree about the Geri dresses. They don’t look particularly well made either; look at the close up one of Geri in the middle of the two girls – her dress doesn’t look as though it is sitting very well – it looks as though it is gaping on the left side.

  4. Poor J.Lo. I thought the green dress looked as if the right sleeve and neck piece were perhaps detachable…for the next event, you know. And the Geri dresses looked a little budget bridesmaid to me.

  5. I love Blake Lively’s fashion style! Esp in Gossip Girl!

    I agree with you on Geri’s range of dresses… if I put on of those satin numbers on I’d look hideous!

    Victoria xx

  6. I don’t like J-Lo’s green dress either. Just cos you have abs you could cut diamonds on doesn’t mean you have to display them at every opportunity. Really mutton-y.

    Are this Geri dresses actually dresses or slinky nightgowns?

  7. Maybe it is me – being old etc but so many of them look like nighties. Not the nighties I wear (of course…) but the ones Alexis and Crystal wore in Dynasty in the 80s.
    I think the green cut out number was J Lo’s frock for meeting Wills and Kate in LA the other week…

  8. J Lo’s green dress doesn’t fit and you’re right, Geri’s dresses are BORING. Plus they look cheap. But then I’m not a huge fan of Posh’s either. Hmmm doesn’t this comment make me sound like I don’t like anything! Sorry!

  9. In total agreement with you and the other commenters on Geri’s awful range of evening clothes – they do, indeed, look like nighties. Dull, ugly ones in nasty fabric. They remind me of the type of thing being knocked out by New Look about 10 years ago (an early Girls Aloud video also springs to mind but I can’t remember the name of the song). Am not convinced that really is Geri though. She is doing exactly the same pose in both photos. I suspect Madame Tussaud’s has a piece missing…

  10. I like Blake’s dress but – without sounding too creepy, I hope – she shouldn’t hide that fab figure under so much fabric!

    Ditto to all re: Geri.

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