Signs of Getting Old

There was an article in the Daily Mail on Saturday about some research which has recently been done on the definitive signs of ‘getting old’, which I read with interest.

This is a list of the top 30, and I thought it would be fun to see how I stack up against them.


1.   Falling asleep in front of the TV  No, but I do fall asleep while reading in bed on a fairly regular basis these days.

2.   Feeling stiff  Much as it pains me to admit it, yes I do a bit, you know, first thing in the morning.

3.   Groaning when you bend down. No, but sometimes I do when I get up again.

4.   Losing your hair – thankfully not (I hope).

5.   Hating noisy pubs – not really.  Although I do like to be able to get a seat – I’m not a standing up in a pub kinda gal .  Never have been actually, so I guess that’s not really a sign of aging in my case.

6.   Thinking teachers/policemen/doctors look really young – yes, definitely!

7.   Getting more hairy (ears, face, eyebrows, nose etc)– not so as I’ve noticed.

8.   Struggling to use technology – definitely not.  Love it and embrace it all.

9.   Forgetting names – not really, but I do find it difficult to place people, like when I bump into somebody in the supermarket, who smiles and says ‘hi’, I know I know them, but I can’t remember for the life of me where from.

10. Not knowing any songs in the Top Ten.  Yes – and what’s more, I don’t care either.

11. Choosing clothes and shoes for comfort rather than style.  No!!!!  Never.  I hope.

12. Driving slowly.  God, no.  Though my husband often wishes I drove a bit slower than I do.

13. Developing a fondness for sherry.  I will admit to a cheeky glass or two over the Christmas period.

14. Complaining more.  As my brother will no doubt attest, I am and always have been one of life’s complainers.  I’m actually trying hard to complain LESS.

15. Joining the Women’s Institute.  No – but I’ve thought about it. Anyway, I though the WI was meant to be quite hip and trendy these days.

16. Misplacing glasses/bag/car keys.  If this is a sign of getting old, Ashley must be about 103.

17. Thinking work colleagues are getting younger.  No, not really.

18. Listening to the Archers.  Only by default, because Ashley has it on on a Sunday morning.  I don’t really like any soaps these days.

19. Moving from Radio One to Radio Two.  Radio 1 in the morning for Chris Moyles and Fearne Cotton, then over to Radio 2 for Jeremy Vine and Steve Wright.

20. Taking a mid-afternoon nap.  Yes.  One of my favourite treats. (And what’s more, it’s said to reduce your chances of heart disease).

21. Joining the National Trust.  Guilty as charged.

22. Becoming a Parish Councillor.  I would rather dig out my own eyeballs with a spoon, having served for three years on the Village Hall Committee, which was linked to the Parish Council.  NEVER again!

23. Complaining about the rubbish on TV these days.  No – I revel in crap TV.

24. Ears growing bigger. No – I don’t think so.

25. Preferring a Sunday walk to a lie-in  I’m always up at the crack of dawn on a Sunday and off to the car boot sale, so I guess the answer to this one must be yes.

26. Being shocked by racy music videos.  No, but I’m sometimes surprised by the amount of words they have to bleep out of songs on Radio 1.

27. Going on a ‘no children’ cruise.  No, but I’d bloody love to – can’t abide other people’s kids!!

28. Taking a keen interest in the garden – only in sitting in it with a good book.  Gardening is one of my least favourite pastimes.

29. Enjoying being asked for proof of age – unlikely to happen, I imagine.

30. Knowing your alcohol limit – knowing it and taking any notice of it are two different things, aren’t they?  Though I’m more sensible since my hangovers started lasting two days rather than just the one.


10 thoughts on “Signs of Getting Old

  1. Great article. I am lucky in that though I am now in my sixties, God I hate admitting that, I have no aches and pains, do not fall asleep in front of the tv in fact I have to keep digging the OH in the ribs to keep wakening him up cos I cannot abide it. However I do admit to an afternoon kip which actually makes me sleep a lot better at night and the extra hair growth where hair shouldn´t be growing. Thank God I have a great beautician as a personal friend. Just remember you cannot see the back of your thighs but other people can!!

  2. What a laugh! I listen to the Archers and definitely think teachers etc are getting younger. Thankfully not all apply though! My husband must have the heart of a teenager the amount of p.m snoozes he has!
    Lisa x

  3. Well despite the hip replacement and my arthritis I seem to be in the clear. It’s still Kerrang or Radio One, I know what’s in the charts and haven’t got a clue what my alcohol limits are. Here’s to growing old disgracefully. x

  4. Classic answers. I am guilty of many too. If I were able to easily listen to Radio 2 and 4 in the car here I am sure I would have converted long ago too. I love an afternoon nap too!!
    Laughed about your Parish Councillor comment.
    I also think I am married to some one way over 95 based on these questions!
    I am glad I’m not the only one not partial to others’ kids too!!!

  5. Hi there!! What a fab post, thankfully I do disagree to the majority of these, I would love to be able to have an afternoon nap every day though, lucky you!! xx

  6. Afternoon nap – lovely except when your husband decides to play golf in the living room with his slipper as a golf hole. Tiled floors bang, bang, bang. Then he wondered why I swore!

  7. Unfortunately most of these are spot on! Except for losing hair, joining WI, becoming parish councillor, napping and listening to the Archers. I guess I have to save some for my real dotage. Slippers, sherry, holidays with no kids, Radio 2, gardening and thinking policemen looking young, yes.

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