Sunday Car Booty

Went to a party last night at the house of some friends who have three large (and smelly) dogs.  By the end of the night, I couldn’t stop sneezing and my eyes were streaming, so I assumed that I’d had an allergic reaction to said dogs (I know I’m allergic to cats and horses, so it kind of followed, really …)

Anyway, this morning, my eyes are still streaming and I have a very painful ear every time I swallow.  So maybe it’s not an allergy.

However, not having been to a car boot sale in a month – UNHEARD of for me – I didn’t let these minor ailments deter me, and off I went at the crack of 6.30.  Despite the weather man’s prediction of a lovely sunny day, it dawned overcast and miserable – somebody please explain how we managed to put men on the moon 42 years ago and yet still in the year 2011 we cannot predict whether the sun’s going to be shining in 24 hours’ time.  I don’t know how much the Met Office costs the tax payer annually, but personally I think it ought to be shut down for all the good it does.

Enough of my ranting – here are today’s bargains:

Weight Watchers books £1, brand new boxed Reebok baby trainers £1.50

Black maxi skirt BNWT 50p, jeans for William £1.50

Body Butter giftset £2, pale pink Tigerlily cowboy boots £1, little boys’ 3 piece suit £2.

Next white wedges, new, £1, French manicure kit £1, Monsoon girl’s shoes £1

Irregular Choice dotty shoes £1, M&S Autograph suede heels new £2, Primark wood sandals BN £1

M&S red wedges £1, Nine West suede heels £1, Clarks suede toe post sandals £2 – all brand new

Next silk dress – really pretty – £3.

Right, I am taking my runny eyes, sore ear and rapidly worsening dodgy throat back to bed for an hour with a hot cup of tea.

Have a lovely Sunday – and keep your fingers crossed it doesn’t rain, as William is having friends round for a barbie at lunchtime. x


* Linking up this week with  Magpie Monday over at Me & My Shadow.



9 thoughts on “Sunday Car Booty

  1. What super bargains. You may have picked up something from the plane, so go and take it back where you got it!! Hope you feel better soon. I have been poorly for three weeks now so I know how it feels.

  2. That’s a right old haul there! I’m always amazed by the shoes you get, at all the boot sales we go to it’s always skanky plastic New Look ones, you obviously live in a much classier area.
    Hope you feel loads better soon. x

  3. wow you always find the good stuff. I have been reading you blog for a while now. I bought a babyliss big hair styler. After reading your post I thought I woul give it a try. THANK YOU! it is so good to have someone actually tell you about the products they use. Absolutely magic.

  4. Great finds there, Caroline. There seems to be some nasty virulent little germs going round at the moment – they’re probably breeding in all this damp weather we’ve been having!! Hope you feel better soon.

  5. I thought for a minute you’d managed to buy a packet of fish fingers!!

    Those iddy-diddy trainers are so cute!

    Thanks for linking up and hope you’re feeling better soon x

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