Faith Hope & Charity Swap

I recently took part in a fabulous swap organised by Lakota over at Faith Hope & Charity Shopping which was all about second-hand, thrifted and handmade items.

I was paired with Elizabeth from Making Good Use  – one of my favourite blogs and one that I’ve been reading for several years now, so it was quite easy to choose item to send Elizabeth that I knew (hoped!) she would like.  You can see what I sent her here.

My parcel from Elizabeth was lovely – the postman arrived with it the day before I went on holiday, and I only just remember to take a photo of the pretty packaging before I started ripping at the tissue paper!

Such lovely gifts!  The knitted coathanger is already in my wardrobe and has proved perfect for a silky top which constantly fell off its old hanger and drove me to distraction.  The necklace and earrings were taken on holiday with me and worn several times – black goes with everything, doesn’t it?

Emma Bridgewater Travel Journal – already in use.  Issey Miyake body lotion – yum!  And a fabulous handmade card featuring an illustration from a vintage Ladybird book.

Also in my parcel, but not pictured, was a beautiful linen tea towel, which is already in use – hence no photo!

Thanks so much, Elizabeth – I love it all!


7 thoughts on “Faith Hope & Charity Swap

  1. What a fab parcel! I love those hangers, the jewellery is stunning and I know you’ll be putting that delicious travel journal to good use. x

  2. Thanks so much for linking up – everyone got such lovely things and really entered into the spirit of it. I’m so pleased. I think I need some knitted hangers – I have numerous tops which are forever making the suicide leap to the bottom of my wardrobe!

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