June Movies

Blimey, another month over with already – where do the days go?

Having had a bit of a busy month, with two trips away and end of the school year activities, I haven’t managed to get to the cinema at all this month, but have seen a few films on DVD.

1.   Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps

The long-awaited sequel to the brilliant Wall Street, this was always going to struggle to be as good, in my opinion.  I enjoyed it though, and it was a joy to see Michael Douglas reprise the vile but eminently watchable Gordon Gekko character (and Charlie Sheen remaining upright long enough for a brief cameo as his original character, Bud Fox).

2.   2012

A disaster movie of epic proportions, which Ashley, William and I watched one rainy Sunday afternoon.  Very long – almost 3 hours.  Watchable, if only for the amazing end-of-the-world special effects, but highly questionable plotlines bordering on the ridiculous on occasion.

3.   Vanity Fair

Don’t quite know how this movie had passed me by for so long, as I do love a costume drama.  Reese Witherspoon was fab in this, and there was plenty of comedy – well worth watching.  The only thing that annoyed me somewhat was the lack of ageing of any of the characters, bearing in mind the story spanned about 20 years – Reese looked as dewy and glowing at the alleged age of 40 plus as she did when she was in her late teens (unlikely, given that the film was set several hundred years ago).

4.   Another Year

Normally this is the sort of film I hate, as nothing actually HAPPENS in it.  But that’s kind of the point.  And the acting is brilliant, particularly Lesley Manville as the lonely, single, middle-aged woman who drinks too much.  Well worth a watch – very different.

5.   Going The Distance

Very average American romcom.   Lots of bad language and toilet humour.  Not up to Drew Barrymore’s usual standard, to be honest, I generally quite like her films.

So, what good films have you seen recently?


4 thoughts on “June Movies

  1. Oooooh. Now I saw ‘Another Year’ at the movies in London and yes, it was depressing but I thought quite a clever film. Another friend of mine here saw it and couldn’t even finish it, she was that bored with it!
    Also saw ‘Wall Street 2’ despite never having seen the original. Liked the part where he was released from jail and had a 1980s HUGE cell phone!
    Heard the 2 leads were dating in real life when it was made. Also the same for Drew Barrymore and Justin Long in the other film.
    i went to see the latest Woody Allen film last night which I thought was just so so.

  2. I LOVE Vanity Fair! It amazes me that Reece was heavily pregnant when she filmed that – it is very cleverly done. Watched Black Swan last weekend. I thought it was good though not as good as I had hoped. The Kings Speech however is literally the best film I have seen in YEARS. Have you seen it?

  3. Oooh I love 2012… my friend and I went to see it at the cinema and spent the whole time working out what we’d do and how we had to get flying lessons in case we need to fly a plane one day!!

    Victoria xx

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