An Unexpected Gift

It was my final evening’s work at the school I’m leaving at the end of this term last night, and I was absolutely taken aback to be thanked effusively for my six years’ service in a speech by the Chair of Governors, and presented with a card, bottle of wine, box of Thornton’s chocs AND a £25 M&S giftcard.  How lovely!

They obviously valued me more than they ever let on at any time in the last six years!  But it was very much appreciated.

I can’t say I’m sorry to be leaving, though – there is only so long you can spend sitting in governors’ meetings listening to the same old stuff being rehashed by the same people year after year.

I do, of course, have the same job in another school (the local one in our village), and will continue with that for the moment, as I’ve only been there three years and haven’t yet got sick of listening to them!

On another subject entirely, I had false nails (the gel ones) put on this morning, as my own nails are in a terrible state and I have bad splits in two that I can’t get rid of.  I can’t stop looking at them – they’re so lovely – and I love the summery colour I chose.

I was really pleased that I can change the colour of the polish, as I didn’t know whether the polish was part of the gel, but as it isn’t I can redo them when I get sick of the blue.  Fabulous!

Right, I must be off – I should be at Sports Day (the grinding tedium of which is only partly allayed by the delicious cream teas which accompany it).


5 thoughts on “An Unexpected Gift

  1. Nice leaving gift, pretty nails and I love the blue it is so fresh! I have splits in my thumb nails which take ages to grow out.
    Hope the sports day went ok, emily missed hers as she has a bug x Dawn

  2. OOOh what a gorgeous nail colour. I would never have thought of pale blue on my fingers but I love it!!
    Enjoy the voucher (why do vouchers mean more as a gift than just going and spending 25 quid of your own – or maybe that’s just me).
    Hope the weather was good for school sports day!

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