Frock It – With Elton

Last week saw Elton John & David Furnish’s annual White Tie and Tiara Ball, held to raise money for their AIDS Foundation.  And also a opportunity for a whole bunch of celebs – A List right through to Z list – to put on their glad rags.

Great fodder for this week’s Frock It – and there were, as ever, some who got it less right than others.

My very favourite dress – and also possibly my favourite dress since the Frock It meme started – was worn by Liz Hurley, who attended with her latest squeeze, the Australian cricketer Shane Warne (who is looking as though he’s had some right dodgy facial work done if you ask me).

I absolutely love this dress, it’s the sort of dress I’d like to wear if I ever lost about 10 stone and got invited to the White Tie & Tiara Ball (very unlikely, both scenarios, let’s be honest).

And look at the back, too …


Anyway, moving on, Holly Valance was also looking rather nice – a lot better than she was at the Monaco Grand Prix a couple of weeks ago, in fact.

Perfect dress for a summer ball – and I like her hairdo as well.

The revolting Fergie was also there – God knows why – I thought she was busy starring in her vile reality show in the States (could any American readers enlighten me as to whether she is actually liked in America, because nobody has a good word to say about her here, unsurprisingly.).

Eugenie looks quite nice in her red – very similar to the dress she wore at Ascot last week, I thought; and Beatrice’s lace frock, although not rocking my boat particularly, is considerably nicer than a lot of the outfits she’s worn recently.  Fergie herself looks horrible, really don’t like the net sleeves etc – and quite an unsuitable colour for a summer ball, in my opinion.

Another strange one, here – Alexa Chung:

I’ll be honest, I’m not quite sure who Alexa Chung is, or indeed, what she does.  I do know, however, that Mulberry named a handbag after her.  I’m normally quite a fan of spots, but I really don’t like the style of this dress, and as for matching it with what looks like a pair of red slippers, I wonder if she got dressed in the dark?  Very odd.

And lastly this week, Anne Hathaway, whose style I normally really like, but I’m afraid I can’t say the same of this dress.

Don’t like the colours, don’t like the neckline – FAR too low, and don’t like the ribbons on the front.  It’s also a good few inches too long.  Sorry, Anne.

Right, that’s it for this week, but there’s more Frock It over at Mid 30s Life.



9 thoughts on “Frock It – With Elton

  1. Too be honest I don´t really like any of them. Liz Hurley´s was fine until you got to the train. How many pigeons died to make that dress I wonder. All the others look very ordinary and the last one looks like she has an apron on very similar to one worn by the Quakers.

    No, the one dress that stood out for me this week was the coat/dress outfit worn by Kate Middleton sorry Katherine Windsor to mark Armed Services Day. She looked so elegant and smart with a lovely little hat. Now I was never a fan of “Our Kate” before the wedding, thought she was very ordinary and a bit boring but not she has definitely got my vote.

  2. Ok – so here in USA, my take is that Americans don’t really understand Fergie’s ‘indiscretions’. They think of her as still quite Royal – but now she is not advertising for Weight Watchers anymore I don’t know how much screen time she gets. She’s been plugging her new show on Oprah’s new OWN channel but I’m not sure that is a huge success yet.

    Not sure I love any dresses this week but I agree Ms Hurley looks good for her age. Apparently she only eats raisins.

  3. Isn’t it fun looking at posh frocks and thinking, ‘Blimey, if I had that much to spend on a dress I’d do better’?
    As for Shane Warne, when you’ve been *the best bowler in the world*, what does it matter how you look? The man is a mystery.

  4. Liz has been looking great recently, much better since she saw the light and toned down the excessive cleavage. Her ‘beau’ though; what a hoot, what has happened to his face? He looks like a waxwork James Bond!

    I also agree re: Anne; such a beautiful woman but that dress does nothing for her great figure.

    @Glynis: K-Mid is knocking it out of the park this week first with that stunning military-style coat and then with her ballgirl chic at Wimbledon. She’s had a style overhaul – and we have over a week of clothes-horsing around in Canada and the US to look forward to.

  5. Ooooh I love Liz Hurley’s dress too. She has her formula and it works.

    If Shane has not had work done I will eat my own head. I’m all for doing what makes you feel good, but let’s be honest, he looks ridiculous.

    And OMG Sarah Ferguson has to stop now, for all of us, just STOP. I read about her in the paper this morning and had to show my husband. She is just SUCH a twit and does nothing for the UK’s reputation.

  6. I love it when Liz Hurley’s old movie “Passenger 57” comes on TV and I can point out to Mr Fussy that that was what she looked like before all the plastic surgery. But she does do well with her dresses, if not her men. I just don’t get the Warne thing when should could have anyone…

    Agree about Alexa Chung. Not very good in the dress department. Always a bit odd.

    Good list!

  7. Not a good look for Anne – agree with the Quaker apron comment, that is exactly what it looks like.

    Liz doesn’t rock my boat either, too fluffy and fussy.

    Alexa’s dress looks a bit nightgown-ish.

    Gosh, Frock it is making me very picky.

  8. Definitely a good list but weirdly I don’t like any of these. The worst is definitely Anne Hathaway’s – she looks way too skinny in it.
    On the fence with Liz’s – it is a bit like a vulture has come down and attacked a flock of pigeons.

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