Frock It: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

I thought last week was a bit of lean one in the frock department, particularly considering it was Royal Ascot (what a washout – terrible weather), but I’ve still got a few little gems to share with you this week.

Let’s start with the good ones:

We’ve seen Princess Eugenie in some real shockers of late (I still haven’t got over the Vivienne Westwood number she wore to the Royal Wedding), but it was lovely to see her getting it right for once at Royal Ascot last week.  The dress flatters her figure, and with the black accessories the whole look is just perfect for a day at the races.

Another Ascot winner for me: Richard Hammond’s wife, Mindy, in a really pretty floral print 50s style dress with a lovely cream cropped jacket and smart navy hat – quintessentially English.

And finally, Dame Shirley Bassey attending the Scottish Fashion Awards.  I should’t really like this dress – I hate tartan, I hate puffy sleeves and I hate the combination of a necklace with an embellished neckline.  However, for some reason, I actually think the whole look really works – and she’s not looking bad for somebody who must be about 103 by now, is she?

The Bad

Let’s move on now to those who didn’t do quite so well this week:

I feel a bit mean as I seem to pick on Mrs C a lot, but really Sam, this is another shocker of a dress – the amalgamation of the bright green lace, the pleats and neither-one-thing-or-another length make for a such a frumpy look – dreadful.  Mind you, if the poor woman employs a stylist, the Daily Mail’ll be shrieking all over the place about wasting taxpayers’ money blah blah blah.  Stuck between a rock and a hard place, I think.

And here’s another horrific look – some American tennis player (sorry, can’t remember her name) at a pre-Wimbledon bash last week.  I really hope for her sake that she was wearing it as a joke, and went and got changed into something more sensible once she’d had her fill of being papped – I’m guessing her tennis game isn’t up to much if this is how she needs to generate media attention.

The Ugly

Moving swiftly on, here is Heidi Klum on a German TV show, proving that even supermodels get it wrong sometimes:

Oh dear.

And last of all this week, everybody’s least favourite WAG, Toni Terry, on holiday with her vile husband and poor kids in Abu Dhabi.

Now Mrs Terry might think this is suitable swimwear for cavorting on the beach in front of her kids on a family holiday in an Islamic country, but I’m afraid I don’t.

If you’re still on the fence about this one, have a look at the back:

(Gosh – that’s not a shot staged specially for the paps, now is it?)

I mean, you’ve got to feel a bit sorry for the woman – it’s clearly a desperate attempt to stop her philandering husband’s eye from wandering again – but as a columnist in yesterday’s Sunday Times Style magazine said: frankly, love, you’d look more classy with a mattress strapped to your back.

And with that thought, I shall leave you.

As ever, more Frock It over at Mid Thirties Life.


19 thoughts on “Frock It: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

  1. I thought Princess Eugenie’s pose looked uncomfortable until I saw Mrs Terry!
    Yet again Mr C has looks like something the cat dragged in.
    Mrs Hammond looked lovely, but he looks like he is wearing a suit a couple of sizes too big!
    Lisa x

  2. Oh I love your comments. AND for me, I see the photos before I read who it is…..which makes it funnier (didn’t recognise Richard Hammond). I agree Eugenie looks better but she looks like she is about to collapse – is it the heels? Same with old Heidi in Germany – can she walk in those heels? (God I sound like such a mum – ‘she should get herself down to Clarks!’).
    The posed Toni Terry ones – just no. Not right. Is she trying to keep up with the wags or just trying to keep the husband’s eyes on her? She has a daughter (and son, right?) FFS – WHAT is she teaching them?
    The unknown tennis woman – could she e an advert for tennis balls do we think? Same bright green and all?

  3. Richard Hammond looks like a munchkin in that hat, his wife looks lovely though. As I am Scottish can I officially say Noon behalf of the nation to Dame Shirley’s dress?

  4. So, I’ve never heard of Toni Terry. And it’s hardly the best introduction, is it? Dental floss and not in Brazil? Truth be told I could forgive the bad swimwear. But that photo – I cannot. It’s so staged, so tacky, so so so so so WRONG.

    And his hand on her arse just give it that little bit extra.


    But a special mention to Shirley’s handbag.

  5. What a selection. Some real shockers. Mrs C should be told that a high neckline does nothing to flatter just cuts the neck off short. As for the Terry woman it just makes the stomach turn. Mind you I saw a bad sight today at Bristol airport at 6.30 in the morning a woman in tight white strapless t shirt with the tiniest white shorts, an orange tan and a big white hat. What was the word that came to mind? Oh yes Slapper.

  6. Ms Terry’s swimwear reminds me of the sanitary pads women had to wear pre modern inventions such as the tampon. Awful, awful, awful.

    As fro Princess E, my Mum always said if you can’t walk properly in the shoes, then don’t wear them!

  7. Not sure about the tartan ? Richard Hammond looks like a school boy in that photo! I love Mindy’s dress, oh the tennis dress…..vile and as the for swim suit, well we just do not need to see that !
    Love the frocks blog Caroline : )
    x Dawn

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