Hair Today … And Tomorrow, Too

It’s not often I rave about a product to the extent that I’m about to  (and just to clarify, this is not one of those ghastly sponsored posts, I haven’t been sent this for free and I’m not getting anything for writing about it).

This product has changed my life.  No word of a lie.  Until now, I have never been able to style my hair as I would like it to look (hairdryer in one hand, hairbrush in the other – disaster.  Disaster, I tell you.)

Then came this …

I first read about it on India Knight’s blog, then in the Daily Mail – in both cases the writer absolutely raving about how wonderful it is, gives you salon-like results, so easy to use etc etc.  Online reviews are much the same.

Anyway, with a healthy dose of scepticism, I bought one for £29.99 off eBay last week (they’re more expensive elsewhere – around £50 ish, I think).

And I can’t tell you how brilliant it is, right from the first use, I got the most brilliant results I’ve ever had when trying to dry and style my own hair.  I literally cannot recommend Babyliss Big Hair enough. It’s going to save me a fortune in hairdresser’s bills.

It’s basically a rotating brush with hot air blowing through it (yeah, that’s as technical as I’m going to get – Google it if you want to know more ins and outs than that).

And here’s the results (cringing slightly at posting a photo of myself, don’t like pictures of myself, but had to show you how pleased I am with my hair).

‘Scuse the dots all over the picture – note to self: must clean the mirror.

I do realise that my hair probably doesn’t look that special to people who don’t know me in real life, but those who do will hopefully see a difference!

So.  Babyliss Big Hair.  Best thing I’ve bought for years.


11 thoughts on “Hair Today … And Tomorrow, Too

  1. What a fab idea! I have trouble getting my hair to curl under and hate the blunt look so I might give this a try next time I have £30 to spend on myself. And you look lovely in the picture, even with the dots 🙂

  2. Thanks for advice. MyMum has been using a similar thing for years and cant now use an ordinary hairdryer !
    I may get one when my hairdryer breaks

  3. Your hair looks gorgeous! How nice to hear of a miracle product that works. Mind you, Babyliss are fab, remember their crimpers back in the Eighties? xxx

  4. it is a lovely photo. Mother in law used something similar once I seem to remember – will see if there is a US version to try out – your hair looks v well styled here!

  5. I just wanted to thank you for recommending the Babyliss Big Hair, I bought one on eBay after reading your post (£15.00!) and it’s the best hair styler I’ve ever had. I struggled to make my hair look half decent following chemo a couple of years ago, but the first day I used the Babyliss I had several compliments, my hair looked sleek and had body, and most importantly I felt so much happier with my appearance. I’m pleased I took the time to read your older posts when I discovered your blog!
    Gill x

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