Catching Up

Morning everybody!

We got back from Cardiff on Saturday afternoon – and what a fabulous time we had.  I worked out that, unbelievably, it was 10 years since Ashley and I last went away together by ourselves!!

The hotel was great – we had an amazing room on the top floor with views over Cardiff Bay; the weather was beautiful (quite bizarre for Wales, really); we had some lovely meals, plenty of cocktails, wine and champagne; and shopped till we dropped.

Talking of shopping, I must show you my totally bargainous new shoes.  I’ve long wanted a pair of designer shoes, and I couldn’t resist these fabulous Versace summer wedges in TKMaxx (not a shop I usually go in, as it always feels a bit jumble-saley to me, but without the attraction of jumble sale prices).

They were the last pair, and were half a size smaller than my usual, but I tried them on, they fitted – so it was a sign – I had to have them!  They are also amazingly comfortable considering the vertiginous height of the heels.  (£73 pounds reduced from £420 – woohoo!)

Will went back to school yesterday after half term, and we now have a four week count down until the end of school, and indeed the end of junior school!  In September, William starts secondary school – I can’t believe it.

This is always a busy time of year, and there seems to be a lot going on over the next few weeks: sports days, speech days, lots of social events coming up, quite a lot of work going on as well, and of course, eBay.  Not to mention the fact that I’m sneaking away on Saturday to Spain for four days with my parents (gotta love those Ryanair bargain flights!), and leaving Will and Ashley to their own devices at home.   Really looking forward to spending some time with Mum & Dad.

Just before I go, a bit of book-porn for the readers amongst you – I did a few swaps on ReadItSwapIt, the book swap website last week, and when I got home from Cardiff at the weekend, all these were waiting for me – lovely!



12 thoughts on “Catching Up

  1. OMG – can I still talk to you seeing you have VERSACE shoes?

    Mmmm. Do you know TKMaxx is called TJMaxx here? Never understood why….? Any clue?

    Some good reads there.
    I have read the top two (finished The Postmistress just a few weeks ago) and also the Anna Maxted – which I think was my favourite out of the three I had read.

    And that stack s certainly book porn to me (must be my age. Yes, I also like gardening).

    Going now to think jealous thoughts about your shoes. Are they off to Spain with you? The shoes or the books?

  2. Versace and vertiginous? Good combination. I came over from Jumble and Jelly because I couldn’t resist your blog name. Nice to meet someone new (to me). My second son hits secondary school this year. I think he’s ignoring it until it happens, but he has a full month of services, discos, parties and more to get through first. Enjoy your mini-hol and reading (good selection; I haven’t read any of those; let me know what they’re like?!)
    Nice to meet you!

  3. loooooooooooooooooooove the shooooooooooooooooooes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! – plese don’t wear them in my company otherwise I will be snatching them off of your feet and trying to squeeze my size 6 feet into them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

  4. Oh, those shoes are wonderful! Love the candy-mauve and the wedged heel. I can’t believe they’re TKMaxx… will have to investigate my local branch ASAP!

  5. Wow those shoes certainly had your name on!
    T is off to secondary school in Sept too, how nervous will be all be at the start of that month?!
    Your comment on my last post about the lollies gave me a giggle!
    Lisa x

  6. Hi my dear-fabulous gorgeous shoes, lucky you!! My youngest is in Year 7 and loves it, its amazing how much they grow up in this year, it will be the making of William I’m sure, good luck to him!! xx

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