Frock It – In Monte Carlo

Time to Frock It again already – where do the days go?

This week, I thought we’d take a peek at some of the fashion at last weekend’s Monaco Grand Prix – now there’s an event I’d love to go to one day, how fabulous would that be?

First up, Geri Halliwell, with some serious colour-blocking going on.

I really like Geri’s green and fuchsia combo – and I love the fact that her shoes are from Next – good to see a celeb supporting the British High Street brands.  Geri is looking really well these days, and seems to be better able to maintain a healthy weight – good for her!

The same unfortunately can’t be said of Holly Valance, whose outfit I think is lovely, but doesn’t have quite such a wow factor when worn by somebody who looks as though they haven’t had a square meal since the mid-90s.

And here’s another one who looks as though she’s a little bit thinner than is really healthy: Princess Beatrice.

I’m afraid this dress is a bit of a fashion fail in my opinion – I don’t think apricot is an easy colour to wear, and even less so when you’re in need of a bit of a tan, and have reddish hair colouring as well.

Jenson Button’s girlfriend (Jessica Michibata, so Google tells me), looked absolutely fantastic, I thought, in this very elegant white dress, worn with classic black heels.

Elegant and very classy.

And we mustn’t forget the Monaco royals – Prince Albert’s fiancee, Charlene Wittstock, the former swimmer, looked lovely in a pretty summer dress and heels.

Unfortunately, one of the younger Royals, Andrea Casiraghi, forgot to tell his girlfriend that it was a Grand Prix, not a pyjama party, as she appears to have turned up in her nightie.


And talking of night attire, it would have been wrong of me to let this week’s Frock It go by without a brief reference to British fashion designer, Katharine Hamnett, who went to the Palace to receive her CBE this week, wearing what looked like an oversized black T shirt, paired with a pair of scruffy ballet pumps.

Perhaps she thought everybody would be so busy looking at her bizarre headwear (made by Philip Treacy from cockerel feathers, which are a by product of food waste, for those of you interested in such details), that they wouldn’t notice she was dressed like a bag lady.

Princess Beatrice, eat your heart out.  Here’s a closer look.

Most odd.

That’s it from me for this week, folks, but skip on over to Mid 30s Life for more Frock It posts.


11 thoughts on “Frock It – In Monte Carlo

  1. Cannot get excited by any of these, feel they are all a tad boring. Agree with what you say about the weight issues for so many of our celebs and as for the cock feathers lucky they didn´t tickle Our Madge under the chin. As for the shoes……………..OMG.

    I did see a beautiful yellow dress and hat in the DM the other day – could have been at the races not sure but it did stand out.

  2. I do like it when you do frocks. This time it was the huge contrast between queen and fashion designer that caught my attention. I’d be happy to look like Charlene, fat chance.

  3. Charlene is a very stylish woman, either that or has some great stylists. I;m looking forward to seeing her wedding dress in a few weeks. Great post!

  4. I think Katharine Hamnett’s hat is awful – whatever possessed her to wear such a thing? You’d also think she might have got some new ballet pumps for the occasion!
    I think Jensen Button’s girlfriend looks fabulous.

  5. Favorite frock was by Ms Wittstock. Perfect. As for the rest, you got them spot on; bag lady, nightie, et al.
    I still cannot recognise that as Holly Valance. I’ve looked back three times now and just can’t see that it’s her. Eat!

  6. I think Geri looks great. Nice and healthy. I think the last time I could get away with wearing an all in one jump suit was when I was 2.

    What a mad had. And who is Holly Valance, she sounds familiar but I have no idea.

  7. jeepers what is that hat? And the woman works in fashion?
    Definite winner for me is Prince Albert’s fiancee. She looks elegant and classy. What is she doing with him? Oh wait, he is a prince and has loads of cash…

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