I wrote a little bit the other day about friends in my ‘Things I’m Grateful For’ post.

Yesterday morning, something happened which was not very nice and a bit upsetting and I posted on Twitter that I wasn’t feeling very happy.

Within 10 minutes, four of my lovely Twitter/blog/internet friends had contacted me and emailed backwards and forwards with me during the day about what had happened, with advice, sympathy, help and empathy.  Which was just what I needed and made me feel so very much better.

Two of these ladies I have met ‘in real life’, and the other two I’ve yet to meet.  We are all from different places, all at different stages of our lives and our ages range across about 18 years (I’m the oldest!)

But yesterday really brought home to me that friends aren’t just people you’ve known for years since Uni, or people you work with, or even the people you meet up with for lunch/coffee/drinks with on a regular basis.

Friends come in all sorts of different guises, and my internet friends are a really important and valuable part of my circle of friends.  Thank you so much for being there, girls – you all ROCK!







7 thoughts on “Friendship

  1. I totally know what you mean, whenever I am feeling down I always get lovely tweets from people – the other day it made me cry thinking how kind someone was to think about me & I had never met them.

  2. I so agree, Caroline. People can say what they like about FB friends not being real friends but if somebody has made me laugh when I’m feeling down, or listened when I’ve needed a shoulder, I don’t care where they are or how I met them, they’re friends in every sense of the word.

  3. Oh yes- twitter/blog friends have more than saved my life this year.

    Sorry I didn’t contact you – I wasn’t home from 7-5. Hope you are ok.

  4. I couldn’t have coped with my dad’s death if it hadn’t have been for the people I had met through blogging.
    Actually I didn’t cope! But I would have been even worse without those people around to ‘talk’ to.
    Hope you are feeling better today.
    Lisa x

  5. Glad to hear that your twitter pals were there for you.

    Victoria xx

    PS So far the weather has been pretty grim, no rain but I’ve not headed to any boot sales yet – I’ll see how I feel in the morning

  6. lovely to actually speak to you today, sorry you are feeling down. muchos appreciate your being involved in the CRUK project. xxxx hugs! xx (the non scottish M)

  7. Sorry to hear that you were having a tough day. You must be a very nice person to make friends like that, Caroline.

    I hope you are feeling much better!

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