Journal Jar Q84. List 10 Things You Are Most Grateful For & Why

1.   Good health – touch wood.

2.   My husband and my son – the two most important people in my life.

3.   My parents – because they gave me countless opportunities, helped make me into the person I am today and passed on their values.

4.   My home – home is where my heart is.  So many people don’t have a home in this world and I cannot even begin to imagine how awful that must be. 

5.   Financial security.  Very many people worry about money on a daily basis, and I thank my lucky stars that I do not have to do this.

6.   The internet.  For anybody who remembers a time before the internet, when you measure how much this amazing thing has changed your life, it’s got to be on the list, really.

7.   Changing of the seasons.  However much I moan about the crappy weather in the UK, I love the contrast of the long (I was going to say hot, but that might be stretching it a bit) summer days and light evenings with the short days of winter and cosy dark nights in by the fire.

8.    Holidays.  Love them.  Thinking about them, choosing them, anticipating them, going on them … the whole process is one of my favourite things in the whole world.

9.   Books.  My life would be incomplete without a book on the go.  As you know.

10.   Friends.  I don’t have a huge circle of friends, but those I do have are ones that I value.  Over the years I have had several close friends treat me badly, and they are no longer in my life.  I consider myself reliable, loyal and trustworthy as a friend, and although I haven’t been lucky enough to have those values reciprocated in many of my friendships over the years, life moves on and new people come into it.


3 thoughts on “Journal Jar Q84. List 10 Things You Are Most Grateful For & Why

  1. I’m glad the ‘bad’ friends haven’t changed your outlook, Caroline. I’ve had a few who have trodden all over me, too, but then there are others who have always been there, through thick and thin. I wouldn’t be without them.

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