Sunday Car Booty

After a fairly successful round of the charity shops on Friday, I was pleased to also pick up some good stuff at this morning’s bootsale.   The morning didn’t start particularly well when I had words with the car park attendant who obviously had delusions of importance brought on by somebody giving him a hi-vis jacket to wear.  But I only spent a moment explaining to him that I didn’t take kindly to being told to turn my car around so it pointed forwards into the parking space rather than backewards, because obviously, there was shopping to be done!

Set of 8 melamine table mats £1.50, my mum’s got her name on these!  Nike Air trainers £2, The Office Series 1 and 2 boxset £1.50.

2 pairs of shoes, bronze ones from Next, silver and green Moda in Pelle, £3 the pair.  Moulinex mouli boxed 50p.

Two faux sheepskin fur-lined gilets, £1.50 the pair (shame they’re not my size – particularly like the cream one by Gharani Strok.

Love this stuff!  Three huge body washes and a body lotion, £3 for the 4.

Two black and white print tops, £1 each

Large Body shop giftset £3, boxed Charles Rennie Mackintosh pen set £1

Tapestry kit £1.50 designed by Kaffe Fassett (an identical one sold recently on eBay for over £30), two Smith’s Salt’n’Shake salt cellars 50p each, Clarks girls shoes £1.

Now I’ve just got to find somewhere to put it all …

** Linking up this week with  Apron Thrift Girl’s Thrift Share Monday and also to Magpie Monday over at Me & My Shadow.


15 thoughts on “Sunday Car Booty

  1. That oatmeal cookie body wash sounds lovely!! How do you know which things sell so well on eBay – I suppose it’s just experience?! I wouldn’t have a clue! STILL haven’t been to my 1st car boot of the year, think there are some on the bank hol Mon so will have to bribe the OH to take me 🙂 x

  2. fab haul and grt bargain with the tapestry kit something im always on the lookout for but not had any luck as yet lol

  3. As always, a fabulous haul. I’m particularly jealous of the body washes and the tapestry kit.

    Those his vis jacket thingies seem to make the people wearing them think they’re REALLY important. I came across the phrase ‘so you want to join the sacred rank of flourescent vest’ in a comedy programme recently and now always think of it when I encounter some jobsworth wearing one.

  4. Really good treasure from the trash there – aren’t you eagle eyed? The Clarks little girls shoes look brand new – that’s £30 for a start! Hi-vis vest man does sound very odd – obviously some people have very little to worry about!

  5. Love the salt n shake salt cellars. Very kitsch and unique. Can’t believe you got a designer gilet for pennies. Very good haul, well done.


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