Frock It: The Over 50s Edition

Now, although I’m only 42, I’m always interested to see what the ‘older woman’ is wearing as one day in the not-nearly-far-enough-distant future – that’ll be me.

Several people talked about Jane Fonda’s cream dress at Cannes in last week’s Frock It posts, and she caught my eye again this week wearing this fabulous black number.

She looks amazingly well groomed and glamorous – and is once again completely appropriately dressed for somebody of 73.  10 out of 10, Jane.

And I also noticed Wilnelia Merced this week (Bruce Forsyth’s wife and former Miss World), modelling in Naomi Campbell’s charity fashion show.

She’s 51 years old.  Fabulous dress and looking great.

For every elegant woman over 50, however, sadly there are also many for the whom the expression ‘mutton dressed as lamb’ may have been invented.  This week that prize has to go to Ivana Trump, who just goes to show that having vast wealth simply cannot buy you good taste.

At the age of 62, Ivana, that dress is extremely ill-advised: wrinkly knees, saggy arm skin, and nipples on show – nobody wants to look at all that, love.  Seriously, nobody.  If you were 22, rather than 62, possibly.  But no – it’s all wrong.

And while I’m at it, a word of warning to Victoria Beckham, who was snapped in an airport this week in this get-up:

Victoria – you are a mother of three, soon to be four and despite having the figure of a 12 year old with a boob job, you are pushing forty.  Forget the glittery tights for daywear, and dresses made out of a dustbin bag edged with leather are NEVER, NEVER a good look.

That’s it for this week – get yourselves over to Mid-30’s Life for more Frock It.


13 thoughts on “Frock It: The Over 50s Edition

  1. There is something seriously wrong with Victoria. She just looks ill not “blooming”. It is as if she wants to hide her pregnancy. I see the extensions are back as well. Love the orange number. Agree about the Trump woman as she is the same age as me I must check in the mirror when on a night out! Jane Fonda looks beautiful but I do feel that all that black is quite aging. A great blog Caroline. Keep them coming. There will be loads after the BAFTAS tonight.

  2. Jane Fonda is seriously beautiful. It’s not the most realistic look to aspire too, as I’m sure she’s had all the help in the world. But still, she is stunning.

    Ivana Trump’s dress is a shocker – it doesn’t even fit.

    And when will we see VB smile? When? When??

    Thanks for joining in! x

  3. You’re right about them all, especially Ivana. I saw another photo of her this week in an equally revealing and muttony dress (although gratefully, this one was sans nipple exposure!). What must her children think, or do you imagine they are past caring?!

  4. LOL – has Posh got back to you yet?

    All those 50+ women look amazing with their figures. Jane Fonda has been ope n (I think I am right in saying) about under the knife and Ivana maybe not open but we know it. Ironically Ivana would have looked good (albeit orange) in the first dresses too – just not her choice.

    I found out this week they don’t say ‘mutton dressed as lamb’ over here – after my beautician had put hot wax on me…. she had to stop laughing and compose herself before ripping it off!

  5. Though a decade older, Jane looks far better than Ivana. She has the good sense to cover up the arms and knees which are almost always age giveaways! 🙂

    In Victoria’s defense, as she was snapped at the airport, I’m going to give her the benefit of the doubt that she flew across drastic time zones…got on the plane at night and off in the daytime…that would explain the dress better suited for evening being worn in the daytime…also being strapped into a long flight would be the reason for all those wrinkles. Yes, she should have thought of that before dressing for the flight, but maybe all her mommy chores overwhelmed her. I sure am glad no one is constantly popping out of the bushes to take my photo! 🙂

  6. Well there you are – I was actually thinking of doing Victoria as my Frock it! candidate this week – but I liked the dress. It is great to see her actually looking pregnant. I thought that the shapeless dress that she wore to the Royal Wedding was awful and this was an improvement. Seems I am alone in my admiration.

    I will agree with you on the other dresses. Jane knows what to wear to hide those saggy bits that are inevitable with the passing years. Great choice and so much more appropriate than Ivana’s monstrosity.

  7. Now please can we have a frockit on the BAFTAS… particular favourite was the white number worn by the actress on Eastenders.

  8. Fab post! Doesn’t Jane Fonda look amazing? I still have her Workout book somewhere… Her hands show her age, but her neck is lovely. Sigh. And I know Winnie, Bruce Forsyth’s wife! She’s gorgeous in the flesh too. She was on my life coaching course acquiring extra skills to help her with the mentoring she does of models back home in Puerto Rico (or wherever it is she’s from). Lovely lady.

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