Journal Jar Q61. Tell About The Birth of Your Child

William was born on 3rd February 2000 at Torbay Hospital in Torquay, at about 7 pm.  He was two days overdue, and weighed 6lb 13oz.

I’d had a good pregnancy with no problems, and worked full-time up until a fortnight before he was born.

The horrific birth made up for the pleasant pregnancy:  suffice to say that I wouldn’t wish forceps delivery, enough internal and external stitching to make the Bayeux Tapestry, and the subsequent loss by the midwives of one of their swabs, which necessitated me being x-rayed (at the opposite end of the hospital immediately after the birth) to see if they’d left it inside me, on my worst enemy.

On the plus side, the epidural was great – none of this natural birth malarkey for me – I was more than happy to accept any pain relief going.  Bring on the drugs!

Once the epidural wore off, though, I was in agony for about a month.  Sitting down was nigh on impossible.  Somebody needs to invent an epidural that lasts for at least a couple of weeks after the birth, I reckon.

My “birth partner” (bloody hate that expression) was my sister-in-law, Sarah, who was great.  I think she enjoyed the whole thing far more than I did!

Ashley was also in the hospital and kept popping in and out of the delivery room, but wasn’t there for the actual birth.  I was more than happy with this arrangement – quite frankly, given the choice, I wouldn’t have attended the birth either – unfortunately, however, my presence was somewhat essential to the process.

After three days we went home – and then the fun REALLY began … but that’s another story.


5 thoughts on “Journal Jar Q61. Tell About The Birth of Your Child

  1. Awww Caroline I can sympathise about the forceps delivery my Sister (no epidural it was too late) had to have forceps as her 8lb 7oz baby girl got stuck and was getting distressed, she also had internal and external stitches, she collapsed through loss of blood too. She like you was in pain for quite a while afterwards, then just a year later she did it all over again! this time no forceps! I think i got away light with 3 c sections! I saw a forceps delivery on tv and it was frankly horrific!
    x Dawn

  2. you both look so young! No offense meant. Yes – agree epidurals rock. Will also blog this later – probably about the one where I didn’t have the epidural to see if I was ‘ the earth mother’ type.
    LMAO. No bloody way!

  3. Oh Noooo how awful to have had to have forceps, poor you!

    I had an epidural with both my boys – I don’t get ‘natural birth’ I don’t do pain!

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