Sunday Car Booty

Rather showery this morning, and the car boot sale was inside the multi-storey car park.

Here’s today’s booty:

Portmeirion Tea Cosy, brand new, £2.  I seem to remember Elizabeth buying one of these last year and selling it on for a very good profit, so I was rather pleased to find it.  Prison Break Season 1 £1.50.

Lots of shoes – Red Next wedges, Pink BHS Wedges and boy’s Jasper Conran lace ups, £1 each.

Gorgeous black leather Principles over the knee boots, only worn once, £4 – very sadly, not my size.  Green Hush Puppies, brand new, £1.

Tanning body lotion 50p (love this stuff, and always seem to be able to pick it up at car boot sales), Botanics Hand & Foot Gift Set £1.50.  Will put this one away for Christmas sales.

Nike football boots for Will £1.50.

I wasn’t feeling very chirpy and was quite short with a couple of sellers who annoyed me – when I asked how much the football boots were, the seller replied “I want £2 for those – they’ve never been worn”.

“Never been worn?”  says I, turning them over to show her.  “They’re covered in mud!”

“Oh, well they’ve only been worn once”, she says.

At which point I could have just given her the £2, as I was going to buy them anyway, but I felt the need to say in my best sarcastic voice “Oh, so they HAVE been worn then”, as I handed over the money.

Later, I asked the Portmeirion tea cosy woman if she’d take £1.50 for the tea cosy.

“No, I won’t!” she exclaimed, in horrified tones.  “It’s brand new and it’s PORTMEIRION, you know!”.

And, instead of smiling sweetly as I handed over the £2, which is what I normally do in such situations, I said “There’s no need to sound so offended.  Part of the car boot sale experience is bartering, so if you don’t like it, perhaps you should avoid such events in future.”  And off I stalked.  With my £2 tea cosy!

Hmmm, best put a ‘do not disturb’ sign on me for the rest of the day, I think!

** Linking up this week with  Apron Thrift Girl’s Thrift Share Monday and also to Magpie Monday over at Me & My Shadow.


10 thoughts on “Sunday Car Booty

  1. You’re quite right, Caroline, I made a handsome profit from a Portmeirion tea cosy last year.

    I never used to haggle – if I didn’t like the price, I’d just walk away – but I’m quite getting into it now and have been haggling like mad these past couple of weeks.

  2. Poor you! I don’t blame you for some of your comments! People seem to want to run their boot sales as grand antique fairs and need to be told!

    Victoria xx

  3. A bit of a haggle is expected but one woman at the car boot this morning wanted to pay a seller 20p for a practically brand new hand bag when it was only 50p anyway and she had more or less agreed that price with her!
    Lisa x

  4. Nice little booty ! Bartering is def part of the boot sale experience these days but as a seller as well I have had some unbelievably rude people discuss my items in front of my face as if I wasn’t there. Its an odd environment. Like you I have good days and bad days . Some people just really wind you up xx

  5. I love the red shoes! Would not wear them but they are lovely.
    Like your grumpy old woman tales. A little rant or two makes people sit up and take notice so well done you.
    I did my Magpie Monday late this week but now there with various finds.

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