Frock It: What A Difference A Week Makes

I was sooo excited about this new meme started by Mid 30s Life, and immediately wanted to join in.

The idea is that you post about a dress that has caught your eye in the media that week, and as an avid ‘sleb follower and reader of trashy mags, this was right up my street.

This week I have two frocks to talk about, the first one being this little white self-designed number, as worn by Sarah Burton from Alexander McQueen, designer of THAT wedding dress.

Goodness …. it’s not quite as elegant as her design for the former Miss Middleton’s, now is it?  In fact, it puts me in mind of something that Margot from The Good Life (70s sitcom) would have worn.

I do like the necklace, however.

And the other dress that caught my eye this week was this one, worn by Jennifer Aniston at some do in New York:

Doesn’t she look fab?  Mind you, she never looks bloody awful, does she?  She could probably wear a bin bag and still look gorgeous.  I really love the colour, too.

This dress was designed by Vivienne Westwood, who also designed that horrific square necked thing made out of old curtains that Princess Eugenie rocked at last week’s Royal Wedding.

Which just goes to show that Ms Westwood can do elegant and understated equally as well as she can do jumble sale chic.

Do pop over and visit Mid 30s life for more Frock It posts, and if you’ve seen any fab frocks or frocky horrors recently, why not join in too?  The more the merrier!


5 thoughts on “Frock It: What A Difference A Week Makes

  1. Really loved this………..I agree with both of your observations. How can you design a beautiful dress like that wedding dress and get it soooooo wrong for yourself.

  2. How nice to see Jennifer A in something other than black. I actually hate orange, but she still manages to look amazing. Although if I wore a dress with that bit of draping in the skirt I would just look dodgy.

    I actually really liked Sarah Burton’s dress! It must be heaven to wear – really floaty and soft. The long sleeves are a touch Maid Marion, but apart from that, I love it!

    Thanks so much for joining in, great to have you Frocking It with me!! xxx

  3. You and I both chose dresses from the MET Ball 😀 I almost picked Burton’s one for my ‘loathe’ of the week too. It’s sooooo unflattering. Agree with you about JA. She would look good in anything.

  4. Hi there!! I love both dresses, Sarah looks amazing, I really lovely floaty 70s numbers like that and Jennifer looks amazing-another style dress which I totally love too xx

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