It Pays To Chat

I popped into town yesterday afternoon to pick up a new ironing board from Argos (oh, the glamour just never ends), and while I was there I decided to walk up to my favourite charity shop at the other end of town to kill some time as I was going to be early for school pick-up.

I was mooching through the sale rail, and was delighted to find two vintage gents’ 100% wool overcoats, both in perfect condition, one by Austin Reed – and for £1.50 each!  I snapped them up straight away, and when I went up to the counter to pay for them, I got into conversation with the shop manager who I know vaguely from going into the shop every week.

She told me that the coats had been donated a couple of days previously, and as they were out-of-season and she doesn’t have the storage space – they’re a small, local charity – normally such items would go straight in the rag bag for the rag man (?!?!?), but as they were such lovely quality, she decided to try them on the sale rail for a couple of days to see if anybody wanted them.

She then went on to tell me that two gents’ Daks blazers (BNWT) had also been in the same donation, and she hadn’t put them out yet, would I like to see them, so  I bought those as well – beautiful quality, and only £3 each!!

The shop was quiet so we chatted a bit longer about this and that, and she pointed out a brand new Aquascutum 100% wool ladies jacket that I’d missed on my look around the shop – at £4!  Needless to say, I bought that, as well.

She filled two huge carrier bags with my purchases, rang them through the till, and said “You can have the lot for a tenner!”  Far be it from me to argue, and I handed over my crispy ten pound note straight away.

But best of all, she has promised to save any vintage or out-of-season garments for me to look at before she sends them off to the rag man in future – wahey!

That’s what I call a good result.  I’m so glad I popped into the shop yesterday.  And it was well worth schlepping the immensely heavy bags all the way back through town as well – d’you know how much those wool overcoats WEIGH?!


10 thoughts on “It Pays To Chat

  1. have you thought about volunteering a couple of hours a week in the charity shop maybe? This way it would tick a few boxes from your previous blog, it would help the charity and you would get to have first pick of the bargains when they come in!

  2. Wow…now will you list them on ebay now or wait til the right season with a chance of getting better bids?

  3. Seriously good finds – what fantastic bargains. I bet they’ll sell extremely well on ebay come the autumn. I’ve got two faux fur coats taking up A LOT of room in my wardrobe at the moment but I’m going to hang on until at least October before I list them.

  4. An Aquascutum coat!?! Wow!! We used to have a store here in Boston, MA, but it closed due to all and sundry just *having* to have their Burberry, like every 4th person going down the street..

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