Home Again

Arrived home late last night after our week away in Tenerife.  The weather was dreadful, with only one semi-nice day (other than yesterday when we were flying home, when the weather was, of course, beautiful).

However, it was lovely to get away and relax for a week, so not all bad.

Taken during a very rare moment of sunshine in Tenerife!

Will scaling a big climbing wall.

About an hour ago, I sliced the top of my thumb cooking this

There was blood everywhere, and although I don’t normally worry about the sight of blood, I actually felt a bit faint.  Luckily we had some steristrips in the first aid box, so it’s all wrapped up now, but it’s bloody painful, and it’s hurting to type.

So this evening, I shall be having a quiet night on the sofa accompanied by a large mug of Earl Grey and this:

Wasn’t it just a fabulous day?  I loved every minute of it – thank goodness we had BBC1 in our hotel room!


5 thoughts on “Home Again

  1. Glad to see you back! The wedding was really lovely. I find myself still watching recaps of it…so much sweeter and optimistic than the news on every channel right now.

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