Rain, Cloud & Cold

I am typing this from the comfort of my poolside sun bed in Tenerife.

Which is not as lovely as it sounds.

I am wearing a thick cardigan and a pair of jeans, and am covered in a towel. The sky is covered in thick black cloud,and it may well rain (again) later. It’s been like this since we arrived last Tuesday. And the forecast is more of the same until we go home (roll on next Tuesday!)

The hotel is fine, no problems, but we mostly came for the sun, which is why I chose the Canaries at this time of year.

Suffice to say I shall not be returning to Tenerife.


9 thoughts on “Rain, Cloud & Cold

  1. You poor thing! I choose Lanzarote for the same reason one year and it rained non stop for a week! If it hadn’t of been all inclusive and the food great I think we would’ve packed up and gone home!!!

    Hope the sun shines for you soon

    Victoria xx

  2. Sorry to hear the weather is so naff. Had seen one of your photos and thought he was so wrapped up it looked more like Bridlington than Tenerife. bet you’re glad you took some good books.
    You’ll be home soon – book a spray tan and the mums at school will never know how bad the weather was!

  3. I said exactly the same when we went to Tenerife. Torrential rain that washed the streets away, burst the sewers and flooded the hotel. It was an experience, but not one I’d care to repeat. I vote everybody avoids Tenerife until they sort out their weather problem šŸ˜‰

  4. Oh no, that’s so disappointing. I think you must be entitled to some retail therapy, or a beauty treat or something to help make up for it. Hopefully the sun will put in an appearance soon.

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