I’m Raising A Monster!

Discussing our holiday this morning.  Here’s an extract from my conversation with William.

W:   What time do we fly tomorrow morning?

Me:   The flight leaves at 8 am.

W:   Which airport is it?

Me:   Bristol.

W:   Eww, that means I’ve got to get up REALLY EARLY.

Me:   Well, yes, but you do get a week’s holiday in Tenerife as compensation!

William thinks about this for a few minutes, and then asks:

W:   How long is the plane journey?

Me:   About four hours, I think.

W:   Is it British Airways?

Me:   No, it’s Thomsonfly, because it’s a package holiday.

W:   Oh no, does that mean we have to fly ECONOMY????? *look of horror*

Personally, I blame my parents.  They were the ones who introduced him to the joys of flying Business Class at the age of five.  Clearly, it’s given him ideas above his station!!

Can’t imagine what his reaction is going to be to having to fly EasyJet when we go to Greece in July!!


6 thoughts on “I’m Raising A Monster!

  1. LOL! Mine had a day out in Sunny Hunny and can be greatful! Our holiday this year is a weekend in Devon for my Nanna’s 90th. So cool to see everyone again!

  2. one of ours once said “are we going on the little plane just for us, or do we have to go on one with OTHER PEOPLE?’

    felt the same. blamed the Hubby.

    Have a fab holiday. xxx

  3. Some of us are 62 and never flown business class. Worse than that, my husband signed me up for life membership of the Youth Hostel Association many years ago from which I gathered luxury hotels wouldn’t figure much on the agenda. Kids today etc

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