Sunday Car Booty

Happy Easter Everybody!

Very quiet buyer-wise at the bootsale this morning – I think everybody was having a long lie-in as it’s Bank Holiday weekend.

I was there at 7 am, and home just after 8, and despite trying to cut back on my shopping until I’ve shifted some of the huge amount of stock I’ve already got to sell, I still managed to buy two large bagfuls of stuff!

Shoes – Hotter red ones £2, Balenciaga (yes, really, I was quite excited!) ony £1, Next leather boots £1

2 brand new Body Shop body butters 50p each, Clinique trio of miniature soaps £1, 2 Elizabeth Arden perfumes, brand new £3 each, and a Philosophy body butter £1.50.

Starry single duvet set, brand new (reminds me a bit of a Cath Kidston design), £2.  Will rather likes this so it will probably end up on his bed after washing and ironing.

A boxed set of Portmeirion table mats, £2.  Not my cup of tea, but they are eminently collectable and people seem to go mad for Portmeirion stuff on eBay.

More shoes – Next brown leather wedges £1, Clarks black leather heels £1.50, and Wallis bronze sandals £1.  All brand new.  Two of them are half sizes as well, which always go well on eBay – I guess because there are fewer half sizes around as fewer manufacturers bother with them these days.

And my best bargain of the day: a brand new Paul Smith bunny rabbit (very appropriate with it being Easter Sunday).  Bought for 50p, and they appear to be selling on eBay for around £2o.

I may well be back tomorrow with more bargains, as there’s another car boot sale just down the road every Bank Holiday Monday – all depends on whether I can be bothered to get up early enough!

** Linking up this week with  Apron Thrift Girl’s Thrift Share Monday and also to Magpie Monday over at Me & My Shadow.


15 thoughts on “Sunday Car Booty

  1. What bargains!! I still haven’t been to my 1st boot sale of the year. Have been practising my driving tho so hopefully will be able to drive myself soon! You really get such bargains – I rem seeing 2 Body Shop butters, the person wanted £2.50 for each & I thought I got a bargain by talking him into giving me the 2 for £3!!

    • Hi Nic – £3 for two body butters is still a good price considering they’re around £12 in the shop. The lady only wanted 50p for them, I didn’t have to knock her down at all, but I prob would have paid up to £1.50 each for them. The mango one is lovely! x

  2. Grand haul there, Caroline. That starry duvet cover is lovely, and you’re right about the Portmeirion stuff selling well on ebay I sold a Portmeirion tea cosy last year for a really good price – have to say, it’s not my cup of tea either.

  3. Love your Paul Smith bunny – we had one donated to the charity shop I worked in ages ago. I put it on Ebay too and made around £20 for them :0)

    Thanks for linking up x

  4. oooh! I think I might have just died ! BALENCIAGA at a BOOT SALE ! OMG! What size are they and what’s your Ebay id ????
    You really do well on the shoe front. Will have to bear this in mind when I go to my next boot sale xx

    • Hi there – they are a 38 (quite a generous one, I would say). They’re not in the best condition, so will have to be sold as vintage, but for a pound I just couldn’t resist. My eBay ID is cm290868. Won’t be listing them yet, but if you’re interested, let me know and I’ll contact you when I’m going to list them if you like x

  5. Great finds – I love the starry duvet cover. I’ve been unable to get to a car boot for 2 years now as I can’t do the walking. Finally got my back op booked in this month and guess where I’m going to celebrate?!

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