Bits & Pieces

Have just had a lovely couple of days with my parents, who came down to stay on Thursday and left earlier this morning.

Plenty of good food and wine, games of Scrabble with my mum, a nice evening out at the local pub on Thursday, an obligatory Bank Holiday visit to the garden centre, and a really good laugh (though none of us can remember quite what caused such hilarity) last night.  It does you good to laugh till your sides hurt, don’t you think?

Today is an absolutely beautiful day and Ashley is outside doing stuff in the garden.  Will is at karate – I’ll go and collect him when I’ve finished writing this post – and I’ve been catching up on emails and blog reading for the last hour.

We’re off early on Tuesday morning to Tenerife for the week, staying here.  I’ve never been on holiday to Tenerife, though I went there a few times when I was working on the cruise ships, so it’s not an entirely unknown quantity.

I’ve chosen my holiday reading matter:

And I’ve been online shopping a bit madly over the last week or so as well.

Having had a really good sort out of my shoe collection and taken a huge bagful of shoes to the charity shop earlier this week, I felt it only right and proper that I should treat myself to some new footwear for the summer(!)

I have quite wide feet and as I get older, I get less inclined to tolerate ill-fitting shoes – gone are those days of bleeding toes after a night out dancing in ridiculous ill-fitting heels which look fabulous but destroy your feet!

I’ve discovered that New Look do a really good range of wide-fit shoes, so I ordered half a dozen pairs to try, of which I kept three and sent three back.  These are the ones I’ve kept:

Love them all, but particularly the bottom ones (which were only £9.00 in the sale!).

Time to print off my holiday packing list (yes, I do have such a thing – what can I say, I’m a list freak!), and get the suitcases out!


4 thoughts on “Bits & Pieces

  1. And here I was berating myself for buying 2 sandals in a week 😛
    Anyways, I am still way behind you in the list. I have only 6 sandals (As of now). But then I don’t count all the other everyday slippers (chappals) that we usually wear to work to match our ethnic clothes :D.

    You have a great holiday. Have lots of fun ( and shopping that you can tell us about later 🙂 )

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