If Only …

When I went to pick Will up from his friend’s house yesterday, his mum invited me in for a coffee.  I’ve known Nikki for ages, but this was the first time I’d been into her house.

OMG, her house was like a show home.  Literally.  It was so clean and tidy, it was almost as though nobody lived there.  But weirdly, it was cosy and welcoming as well.

And she has three kids – 13, 11 and 6.  Yes, seriously.

I couldn’t help but comment on how beautifully kept her house was, and she freely admitted that she is a bit obsessive about keeping it perfect.

Now this is the point where I should be saying – yeah, but it’s not LIVED IN, or God, I wouldn’t want my house to be that perfect, or A messy home is a happy home.

But I’m not going to.  Oh no.

I’m jealous.  I want my house to be that clean and tidy and perfect..  All the time.

But, in all seriousness, I don’t think I could make it look like that even if I spent the next YEAR cleaning and tidying.  It’s just not in me.   I don’t possess that ‘clean and tidy’ gene.  But I blimmin’ wish I did!

I’d like my house to look more like this

Than like this

Oh well, it’s inspired me to do some more decluttering and tidying, anyway!

** Should prob point out that pictures are from Google Images, not my real house!!


7 thoughts on “If Only …

  1. hahaha!! I so know how you feel. I just don’t know where the tidy folk get it from. My very most tidiest friend, she says she has a pal who makes her feel messy. ARGH! am so so far down the jumble sale scale…. though not quite so far as my darling husband!! HA HA!!

  2. Do you know what I hate about looking at interior shots? Where is the tv! I actually like to read a home magazine or look at an inspirational shoot that actually shows how to have your home looking lovely with things like a toaster on the side or a tv in the bedroom!!!

    Victoria xx

  3. Oh me too – how I long for my house to be beautifully decorated and tidy. Mine is not as bad as the second picture thank goodness but, well, it feels like it lol.

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