My New Favourite Thing

**This is NOT a sponsored post, I have NOT been paid or given any free products**

I do love a scented candle.  I’ve tried them all over the years, from cheapy M&S ones, through Yankee Candle mid-price tyhpes, right up to  the Jo Malone and Diptyque sharp-intake-of-breath-as-you-present-your-credit-card end of the market.

And finally, after all this extensive research, I have found the best EVER scented candles, made by a company called Lily Flame.

They have a more intense and long-lasting scent than any other candle I’ve ever tried.  They look really lovely in their lidded tins and come in an amazing array of gorgeous ‘flavours’, and are handmade here in the UK, in Somerset.

Best thing of all, though?  The price.  I paid £8 for my first candle (the Blue Hyacinth, if you’re interested), when I stumbled across a selection of them in a little shop in Totnes a couple of weeks ago.  And then I discovered somebody selling them on Ebay and paid £20 including p&p for another four.

You can also buy them direct from the manufacturer for just over £8 each, although their website could do with bringing into the 21st century.

At these prices, my scented candle purchasing habit will become almost frugal!  Sorry, Jo Malone, much as I love your Grapefruit candles, I won’t be shelling out £40-odd for another one any time soon now I’ve found Lily Flame.


9 thoughts on “My New Favourite Thing

  1. Great post, I’m always on the look out for good scented candles. I have quite a stock at the moment but that won’t stop me giving them a try especially as they are made in the UK.

  2. I love them too, I’m pretty parcial to the Rose one 🙂 I’m super lucky in that my local Waitrose stocks them so I shove them in with the shopping when hubby’s not looking 😉 x

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