Goodbye Pretty Party Girl

On our way home from a wonderful weekend away in the sunshine today, we received the terrible news that my cousin Angela’s nineteen year old daughter, Charlotte, was killed last night in a car crash.

I cannot even begin to imagine how dreadful this is for her immediate family.  I didn’t know Charlotte very well, but the amazing outpouring of messages and memories from her friends on her Facebook page today is a testament to what a popular and fun-loving girl she was.

Taken too soon.  Far, far too soon.

A candle, Charlotte, to light your way.

Rest in peace. x


15 thoughts on “Goodbye Pretty Party Girl

  1. She was truly very beautiful. I cannot imagine what your cousin is going through.
    We will all hug our kids tighter tonight.

  2. As the mother of a teenage daughter, I cannot imagine what Charlotte’s family are going through right now – my thoughts and prayers are with all of you.

  3. So,so sorry to hear Caroline, no-one should loose their child before them, It makes you stop and think how lucky we are to have them every waking moment, xx

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