A Busy Week

Saw Solicitor to sign contracts on the new house first thing Monday.
Exchanged and completed on new house on Wednesday (after last minute panic when vendor wasn’t answering emails or phone calls)
Decorator into new house to ‘mag it out’ as they say in the trade (paint it throughout in magnolia) on Friday.
Had frantic phone call from tenants in Bournemouth flat on Tuesday morning saying they thought they had a gas leak (what they expected me to do from 100 miles away, other than tell them to call the emergency gas leak number is beyond me!)
Had further phone call from emergency gas man to tell me he had capped off the gas and thought the gas leak was caused by the cooker.
Phoned my lovely plumber (never met him, originally got him from Rated People website, and he is a TOTAL STAR), he went round to check on cooker within 24 hours (tenants moaning – I’d like to see them get a gas engineer round in less than 24 hours!)
Wednesday had phone call from plumber saying cooker is knackered, and that he wouldn’t charge me for the visit (AND he offered to go and pick me up a new cheap cooker from Comet and go and fit it for me next week). Seriously, what a lovely man.
Tenants not happy to be without cooker until next week. Told them to take a hike – doley scumbags – and mentioned that if they’d kept the old cooker a bit cleaner (plumber said it was MINGING) it may not be costing me £300 to buy them a new one.
Wednesday – phoned doctor’s surgery for Will’s test results (he’s been coughing since Xmas and a course of antibiotics hasn’t cured it). Turns out he needs more antibiotics. Put in complaint to Practice Manager about foreign doctor who previously fobbed me off (turns out she’s a trainee) with the words “I can 100% guarantee you there’s nothing wrong with this child”. Quite how a two second look down his throat with a torch could warrant this diagnosis is anybody’s guess.
Went and picked up prescription for more antibiotics, followed by an hour’s wait in an empty pharmacy to get the prescription filled (why, I’ve no idea).
Spent all week so far taking 4 times longer to do anything on the computer as I get used to the Mac.

And I wonder why I’m behind with the housework and ironing!?

Am very much looking forward to lunch and a gossip with my friend Bex on the waterfront in Totnes, and a night away with 3 other couples at Watergate Bay in Cornwall on Saturday with dinner at Jamie Oliver’s Fifteen restaurant.


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