Back to Mac

Twenty two years ago, I had my first encounter with a a computer in the workplace: there was an Apple Mac in my office on board ss Canberra, back in my days as a Merchant Navy Officer with P&O Cruises.

I showed this picture to William while I was scanning it, and he rolled around laughing in disbelief, saying “Seriously, Mum, that was what computers looked like?”

Anyway, I loved that little Apple Mac – it really was the cutting edge of technology and seemed to be a world away from the typewriters that I’d been using up until that point.

And now, 22 years later, I’ve got a Mac once again.  My good old PC was slowly giving up the ghost, and as I’m still an Apple girl at heart (iPhone, iPad, iPod), I decided on a bright, shiny new iMac.   Which was installed yesterday, and is now  up and running.

It’s a big change to get to grips with, and everything’s taking me ages to do at the moment.  But I already love it.  It’s like having a new friend!


3 thoughts on “Back to Mac

  1. Good luck… We have had 2 Apples and I won’t tell you the issues we have had. Maybe we just got 2 lemons…
    looks lovely though!

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