That Was The Weekend That Was

House we’re buying (and planning to sell again very quickly) in Bovey Tracey.  We went to view it on our way up to Dartmoor on Friday.  It needs the hideous anaglypta wallpaper removing, repainting throughout in magnolia, and recarpeting.  We hope to complete on Thursday this week, decorators in for a week from next Monday, and straight back on the market.  We haven’t done one of these for a while, so it’s quite exciting, and fingers crossed it will net us a nice chunk of money for our planned apartment in Cardiff Bay.

(Ashley’s mum happened to be with us when we viewed the house, and after poking around all the rooms and professing everything to be ‘lovely’ (it’s not – no sane person could describe the current decor as anything other than dirty and tasteless), she went a step too far when she opened the airing cupboard and was heard to say ‘lovely water tank’.  WTF?!)

This is where we went on Friday night – it’s in a little village in Chagford in the middle of Dartmoor and is a really lovely restaurant with rooms.  It was Ashley’s mum’s Christmas present and we had a very nice evening, helped along enormously by vast quantities of alcohol.

I will treat you to a ‘before we started’ shot of Ashley, his mother and William …

And here’s one of me, the morning after the night before …

Every cloud has a silver lining, however, and on this occasion it is that we managed to have a very pleasant time without me wanting to commit murder or having to retire to bed early because I couldn’t stand any more of my mother-in-law’s nonsensical wittering.

On arrival home on Saturday lunchtime, my mind was taken off my hangover by the postman delivering my new books from Amazon …..

… and my new wall quote, inspired by my fab blogging pal Amy, over at Then There Were.  Do you like it?  Ashley hates it!  Which is OK, as I loathe the antique gun that he has on the beam in our lounge.  Horses for courses, it’d be a boring world if we all liked the same things, wouldn’t it?


7 thoughts on “That Was The Weekend That Was

  1. Great blog. Bovey is a great little place. Books – Picture Perfect – loved it. Interesting to hear if u do. Allison Pearson – I want it..really liked her previous one.

  2. Ha! Love that picture of a hungover you! know the feeling far too well.
    Isn’t Ashley’s mum gorgeous? Such a beautiful and stylish lady. She’s obviously very postive-thinking, too, by the sound of her comments about the house!
    I love the sign. Great words to live by. xxx

  3. Hope all goes to plan with the house and the water tank looks even more lovely afterwards!
    Thanks for the giggle you gave by sharing the photo of you1
    Lisa x

  4. Ooooh good luck with the house. It looks nice from the outside, hope you can sell it for a good bit pf profit – always nice!! Looks like a good nite was had lol, hope you recovered OK!

  5. You’re daring! I’m not sure I’d publish a photo of me when I’m hungover.

    Anyway, how do you get those quotes on to tiles? Do you use a marker or something else? I really love the idea and have been inspired 🙂

    • Hi Sharon – They are transfers, and are removeable. If you Google “wall quotes” you’ll get loads of companies that make them. I used Adagio Interiors, because they allow you to make your own custom ones. There’s also quite a lot on Ebay.

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