Sunday Car Booty

I’ve been absent without leave for a few days – did you miss me?

We’ve had quite a busy weekend so far – I’ll save it for another post though, because today is car boot sale day – woohoo!  And I had quite a successful morning, accompanied by lovely sunshine.  It was a big old sale this morning – in fact so big that as I was leaving, laden down with bags, I realised that I’d missed out a whole section completely!

Two silk M&S Autograph dresses,BNWT, £3 each

A Body Shop shower scrunchy 20p, cute brand new Hello Kitty baby bootees 50p

Little boy’s 4 piece morning suit, BNWT, £4

Genuine Chanel sunglasses, boxed and with original receipt £7, I Can Make YOu Thin book 20p, Body Shop bath pillow (been wanting one of these for ages) 50p

Pink pyjama top 50p.

Lovely wool Per Una Special Collection cape £1.50

2 pretty summer dresses BNWT £1 each, Playboy bag 20p

Shoes £1 each, Dorothy Perkins brown mules, Footglove black leather flats, and M&S summer wedges, all brand new.

More shoes!  Moshulu red moccasins £2, Clarks Active Air £1, M&S wide fit wedges £1.

A successful morning’s shopping, all in all.  It seems car boot season has begun in earnest.


13 thoughts on “Sunday Car Booty

  1. Fab buys as usual!! I want to get out to my first car boot sale of the year but it is sooo hard to convince my OH to get up at 6am or whatever to take me lol… Need to get driving myself!!

  2. Lucky you; it was raining here this morning. Who on earth are these people who virtually give away BNWT dresses and shoes? They don’t live around here, that’s for sure. You are a great car booter!

    • I do barter quite a lot (though not always, if I think a price is fair, I’ll pay it). And if I don’t get the deal I want, I will walk away. There has to be a profit in most of what I buy, as I’m not buying for myself. If it’s something that is for me, I’m more than happy to pay a bit more for it.

  3. I love the bright blue dress.

    It hasn’t been warm enough yet for me to brave the car boot sales but hooefully it won’t be long now. I do tend to think of it as a spring/summer pursuit though.

  4. Our car boot started up yesterday, it’s a bit hit and miss at the moment as the weather isn’t really warm enough to tempt the older people selling their stuff off yet.
    Love that cape, what a beautiful item. Can’t believe it’s M&S. xxx

  5. Wow you found loads of bargains, I’ve only been to a couple of car boot sales, a local village one that was excellent and a larger regular one that had the biggest load of rubbish I have seen in a long time. The latter put me off rather, that and getting out of bed so early. Well done.

  6. Wow! I need to know where you live! Mucho cheapo.

    What fabulous bargains, my faves are the cape (that’s divine), the Hello Kitty bootees are so cute, and the Chanel sunnies. Amazing.

    Really glad to meet you via MagpieMonday xx

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