Just Do It

No, I haven’t suddenly discovered a hitherto non-existent penchant for exercise and the attendant unattractive clothing and footwear it entails: the Nike slogan seems to be a perfect motto for my latest attempt to stop procrastinating.

The onset of the new school term tomorrow morning (I am SO not looking forward to that alarm clock going off at 6.50 am!) signals a return to normal day-to-day routine here at home.

And with it, all those mundane jobs that need catching up with: housework, laundry, paying bills, mending, eBay listing, blah blah blah.  I could go on but to be honest, I’m even boring myself.

And in a bid to avoid the endless procrastination which has dogged me over the last few months, my new rule is:

If you think it, you have to do it.

For example, how many times did I walk into my bedroom yesterday and think ‘I must make the bed in a minute’?  Maybe 8?  Probably more like a dozen.  If I had just made the bed the first time I thought it – a job which takes a couple of minutes at most – I wouldn’t have had to think ‘I must make the bed’ another 11 times, before eventually making it at about 5.00 pm.  Also, if I’d made it the first time I thought it, I would have freed up my mind to think other things on the further 11 times I had to think about the bed.

Does that make sense?

Same goes for emptying the bin, hanging out the washing, tidying the lounge, answering that email, posting those letters etc.

And if it can’t be done immediately the thought crosses my mind, I will schedule in a definite time when I CAN do it, and DO it.

I’ll let you know how I get on.


9 thoughts on “Just Do It

  1. I had to laugh! I’ve been staring at the same pile of Christmas linens for three days, thinking “I must take those downstairs”. I’m putting the laptop down now and going over to put them away.

  2. This is something I should really start to implement as well. If I just do something there and then there would be no need for never ending lists and feeling like there isn’t enough time in the day. Just do it!

  3. That’s a brilliant resolution – might have to copy you! Plus apparently our brains can only hold so many pieces of info at one time so procrastinating means you keep cluttering up your brain with things you have to remember to do. Yes, I’ll definitely be using that one!! Happy New Year 🙂

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