Currently: April 2015

Just before I start – thank you all for asking me a great selection of questions for my upcoming Q&A vlog.  I’m looking forward to answering them all – look out for the video in the next couple of weeks.


 A bit of light and easy entertainment this week, I’m about halfway through this and quite enjoying it.



A blast from the past in my car at the moment. This album reminds me of Glastonbury 1989, where I saw Fairground Attraction play on the main stage (it was called the Pyramid Stage then, no idea if it still is?), and I always reach for this CD when the sun comes out and it feels as though summer’s on its way.


Cast_of_TV_show_Indian_Summers Indian Summers – Channel 4’s never-ending costume drama. If it hadn’t been for Ashley taking a liking to this, I think I’d have given up on it several episodes ago. The scenery and costumes are fabulous, but the storyline is a yawn a minute as far as I’m concerned – I’m only watching it with half an eye now.

As for Poldark – eugh, only managed half an episode of that before giving up!



I’ve been reaching for this Make Up Revolution Ultra Blush & Contour Palette a lot recently. It’s so versatile – the goldy bronze colour in the bottom row is great as an eyeshadow, for example. And all for only £6 – Make Up Rev are hard to beat at the budget end of the market these days.


Winter boots have been relegated to the back of the wardrobe, and thoughts are turning to my summer wardrobe. The shops are full of lovely colours, which always makes me happy – jewel tones and acid brights – there’s nothing like a pop of colour to rock my world.


I’ve been trying to eat more healthily since Easter, and cooking meals that will please a picky husband, an even pickier teenage son and also tick the healthy box is not an easy task – unless I want to cook three different things every night, which I definitely don’t!

I’ve resorted to stealth – little did mushroom-hating teenager know that last night’s spag bol contained loads of mushrooms cut up into tiny pieces until they were invisible to the human eye.  And little did meat-replacement-phobic husband know that it also contained a couple of handfuls of lentils, cooked down until they too were unnoticeable, to replace some of the meat content. Mwahahaha!



Lots of tea in my lovely new M&S mug. Tetley’s in the morning, and Earl Grey in the afternoon. Green tea as and when I can bear the thought of it.


Picky eaters – see above!


My Dad being almost back to normal – although, to quote the man himself, ‘I shan’t be going out jogging quite yet’. I’ve been so worried about him, as you all know, so it’s the best news.


We’re off for a family weekend to Moonfleet Manor this weekend – I’m going to vlog the whole weekend (best laid plans – you’ll probably find that I have a couple of drinks and completely forget to film!), so you can all come along with us too!



I’ve discovered that there is a monthly cocktail subscription box – who knew?! I can think of 20 reasons why I don’t NEED this, but oh, how I WANT it!

Random Thought

Thank goodness the teenager is going back to school tomorrow. Whenever I think he has plumbed the depths of laziness as far as is humanly possible, he surprises me yet again. He spends more time asleep than the bloody cats.

Q&A – Ask Me Anything!

Caroline's (1)

As I’ve had a few questions left by my lovely readers in the comments recently, I’ve decided to put together a Q&A video to answer them – plus any more you would like to ask me.

I am quite an open person and am happy to answer anything (within reason!) you want to ask.  Whilst I’m no expert on any of the subjects I write/vlog about, I do almost always have an opinion, which I’m more than happy to share!  So if there’s anything you like to know about me, my blog, my You Tube channel, my home, my family, my life or any of my many and varied interests – beauty, cooking, books, holidays and travel, crochet, movies –  to name but a few, ask away in the comments.

Hope everybody’s having a lovely Monday – it’s warm and sunny here, a definite feeling of spring in the air :)

Easter Weekend – And A Few Days Off

IMG_5071Easter was lovely – very busy, but lovely.  We usually have a quite a quiet time at Easter, but this year for some reason, went by in a flurry of activity.  By the end of yesterday, Easter Monday, I felt quite exhausted!

It was really nice to catch up with various friends and family over the long weekend, and we hosted a barbecue on Easter Sunday for our best friends and extended family on both sides, which was a lovely three generation get together with us, our kids (grown-up kids mostly), and our parents.  The weather was kind and our summer house got its first airing of the year.  A minor catastrophe was averted when Ashley (who had decided to check the gas level of the barbecue literally five minutes in advance of our guests arriving) managed to find somewhere open on Easter Sunday afternoon to get a gas bottle refill!


As I mentioned above, I’m feeling a bit worn out, so I’ve decided to give myself the rest of the week off work.  It’s something I do very rarely – VERY rarely – and I think, because I work from home for myself, I don’t really realise how many hours I put in.  I am always at my desk by 7.30 am at the latest (6.30 this morning), and often working late into the evening. I switched off the computer at 9.30 pm last night.  This is not to say ‘poor me’ by any means, because I love what I do, and the flexibility it brings, but I do find it hard to switch off and step back, I must admit.

IMG_5076We are having a family day out today, the first for ages, and going to the Alpaca Park in North Devon.  I’m quite excited, as I’m weirdly fascinated by these creatures.  I’m vlogging my day today, so you can come with us, too!

Anyway, I shall finish here.  I hope you all had a lovely Easter weekend, and I will do my very best to get around everybody’s blog and do some commenting a bit later on.