Coming Clean: The One Where I Tell It Like It Is

For a while now, as I’m sure you’ve gathered by the lack of written content here, those of you stalwarts who are still reading, I’ve not really been loving blogging.

I’ve blogged since early 2008, almost 8 years.

It’s no secret that my new thing is YouTube – I love the creativity of making videos, the interaction, and the crazy ease with which I’ve built an audience well into the hundreds on YT in a matter of months, after slogging away for years at writing a blog without making much headway in that regard.

Say what you like, the reason we all blog and vlog, to a greater or lesser extent, is because we want an audience.  And, without taking anything away from you lovely, lovely people who have read my blog and been with me for many years, something needs to change around here, because I don’t feel that I’m giving my readers the content that they deserve or are necessarily interested in.

I already put out a lot of content on YT that I don’t share here, because I don’t want to push video content on people who are more interested in written content.  I get that not everybody who reads this wants to watch me ramble in glorious technicolour for quarter of an hour at a time.  And that is fine.

Equally, however, I know that there are those of you who read my blog, who also enjoy my videos, so I will continue to post some of my videos on here.

This is not the absolute end of written blog posts: I have been doing the Journal Jar project for many years in written form, and I want to complete that, which I think will take at least another year, so those posts will continue.  And, never say never, there will no doubt be occasional written posts on other topics as well.

But the majority of what I post here, going forward, is going to be video content.  So I hope you’re OK with that.  Equally, I’m fine with you choosing not to watch, or to unsubscribe.  I know that mostly video is not what you signed up for.  And that’s OK – I won’t be offended!

If you do decide to go, then thank you – for reading, for commenting, for being my friend – some of you over a period of years.  It’s been an amazing journey, and one that will stay with me forever.

And forgive me, but I just want to mention a few people who’ve made the journey so special and memorable.

From the early days of blogging, some amazing blogging buddies – Holly, Kat, Laura MTP, Mo, Amy, apieceofwood – amazing women, each and every one of them.

Elizabeth Y – still miss your blog and amazing bootsale finds.

Lisa Jumble & Jelly – who writes so beautifully about her family that I feel I know them.  We’ve followed the stories of each others’ kids for years now.

Lovely Teresa – looking forward to seeing you in January, honey, for our annual catch-up.

Mumof4 (not putting your real name in lol – I know I slipped up in yesterday’s vid!)- whose emails never fail to put a smile on my face, and who I reckon is a friend for life now

Victoria (F&M) – if Carlsberg made commenters, V, that’d be you – mwah!  Love ya!

Kathleen S – I never told you, but you have the best blog name ever – absolutely love love love everything you write.  Will never stop reading. X

Lynn A – a newish friend, but one with whom I feel I have a genuine rapport, and when I see a comment or an email drop into the inbox with your name on it, I always smile.

And to everybody else, who I haven’t named personally, know that I genuinely appreciate every single comment or like or interaction that I’ve had with all of you who’ve taken the time to read my crap ramblings over the years.

If you decide to stay, again thank you.  And I hope that the content I put out going forward is worthy of your time.

So, I guess that’s it.  Not gonna lie.  Crying a little bit.

See ya.



Journal Jar Q. How Did Your Parents Meet, & When/ Where Did They Get Married?

Today, I am very excited to welcome my lovely mum, Suzanne, with a guest post.  When this question popped up in my Journal Jar, I thought it would be nice to ask Mum to answer it herself.  So, without further ado,  here she is …

Bill and I met in 1960.   He lived at HYELM Hostel (Hostel for Young Executives of Limited Means) in Hampstead, London, and I was at a secretarial college just down the road. Each week the hostel hosted a “Coffee Tavern” and the girls from my college would attend. Bill was the “Manager” of the evening which involved booking entertainment and organising the evening. One evening in February he announced that it was my 17th Birthday- I was most indignant as it was my 18th.

We got engaged in 1962 and married on August 10th 1963 at Swiss Cottage in London. I was 20 and Bill was 24.

We celebrated our Golden Anniversary in 2013 with a dinner for 19 of our family and friends


You can read about their Golden Wedding celebration in a blog post I wrote here. 

Thank you very much, Mum, for sharing those memories with us. x

I’m Baaaa-aaaacckk!

I think this may have been the longest I’ve ever gone (since 2008) without posting on here – almost three weeks!  How time flies.

We had a fabulous holiday, but as always it’s nice to be home again.  I’ve been up to my eyes since I got home, but I just wanted to pop in and say hello, and show you a few holiday pics.


It’s always lovely to spend time with the whole family.


We had beautiful weather almost the whole holiday.


The hotel grounds were gorgeous.


Will found his ‘holiday place’ rather quickly, and spent the majority of his time sitting exactly here!


The resort had the most amazing swimming pool we’ve ever encountered.


The kids are growing up so fast.


Mum and Dad looking every inch the glam couple.


A little gambling.


An amazing private BBQ on the beach – magical.


A rare decent photo of the three of us together.  Why am I so bloody short?!


And a gorgeous beach (actually, it wasn’t that nice – this makes it look better than it really was.  Just to keep it real!

There will be a holiday vlog, but I’m not promising when, as it’s going take a LOT of editing.  Hopefully later on this week.

I must apologise for not having got around to everybody’s blog to read and comment, but again, hopefully this week.

I’ll leave you with a a very rambling vlog which I filmed on Friday.

Off On My Travels Again!

I don’t expect I’ll be here much – if at all – for the next couple of weeks, as we’re off on our annual big family holiday – this year to the Dominican Republic.

I’ll leave you with a trip through the toiletries and make-up that have made it into my final holiday cut!

See you soon!